In a Jan. 24 letter to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski and NTIA Assistant Secretary Lawrence E. Strickling, Javad Ashjaee, CEO of Javad GNSS, shared his dissatisfaction with the recent conclusion by the National Space-Based Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) Executive Committee (EXCOM) regarding LightSquared. “I’m disgusted by the scientific farce propagated by the PNT Executive Committee in declaring that LightSquared’s interference issues could not be resolved,” Ashjaee said in his letter. “That conclusion was produced by a fraudulent round of testing, conducted with the goal of orchestrating end-results that protected an unholy alliance of GPS manufacturers and government end-users. It was a testing process where political influence trumped objective engineering. It was a process where conflicts of interest trumped science. It was a testing process where financial interests blocked consumer innovation instead of fueling it.”

Ashjaee said the second round of testing was conducted secretly rather than through an open and collaborative process because, he said, “PNT and GPS makers … were afraid of the results.” He argued for further investigation. “This collusion begs for a close examination by reasonable, fair-minded public servants with the public’s best interest at heart,” he said. “It is not factually correct for the PNT to state that the technology does not exist because I have proven that indeed it does. The PNT refused to even conduct its own tests on the high precision units. The results from the independent Alcatel-Lucent lab alone warrant a close examination of my proposed solution.”

A complete copy of the letter can be found onJavad's website.