Posted by jeev

I have just joined this forum and was after anyone with z-12 experience.  I cannot seem to get a reply from ashtech via e-mail.
I have two z-12's with the following details

P/N 700845-1 (D), OPT - -1 2 - - - -, SLP S0, Nav 1L00, CHN 1D04
P/N 700845-1 (E), OPT - - 1 2 - - - -, SLP S0, NAV 1L00, CHN 1D04
Both have been used for static work, however we would like to progress into RTK work or PPK work with these sets. 
The work requires processing of a slow moving track approx 2-3 kts for hydrographic work in a small remote community.

Questions are:
How can I load the Real time option onto the the sets and activate RTCM and on the fly resolution for the rover (ie set up the RTK function)

If this is not poissible can I transmit the MBEN, PBEN and DBEN data real time over serial to a laptop in the rover vehicle and process both inputs using software.

If not could I increase the memory and use them in PPK mode, if so what epoch interval, or download intervial is recommended if I require posiional data every second.

We are working in remote locations with antique equipment so any support would be grateful.

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