Anyone who received a new smartphone or tablet for the holidays or users who just want to understand more about the functionality of ArcGIS on these handheld tools can attend a virtual Esri training seminar called “Using ArcGIS for Smartphones and Tablets.”

The ArcGIS App for Smartphones and Tablets is a free application available from the Apple App Store, Android Market and Windows Marketplace. The seminar shows how mobile users can access GIS maps and explore data hosted on ArcGIS Online; discover information in interactive, visually rich maps; and collect and update data using the app for their device.

Key points include how to access a GIS map from a mobile device, locate map features that meet specific criteria, measure map feature and get information about them, draw new features on the map and update information associated with map features; share maps via email or to social networking sites; find maps on ArcGIS online; create and share your own maps on; and add data stored in files to a map on

To learn more and access the training seminar, go to: