SuperSurv is an application designed for field surveying using an Android mobile device. It integrates GIS and GPS technologies while supporting the global coordinate system, allowing users to collect, display and manipulate GIS data correctly.

SuperGeo developed SuperSurv with five features that help users collect data efficiently and effectively. SuperSurv:

1. Uses a GPS signal and free hand drawing to collect data
2. Uses a time interval setting function to collect data automatically
3. Creates customized forms as demand
4. Has a multi-functional feature editing tool
5. Can switch editing layer quickly

The main functions of SuperSurv include data collection, layer management, waypoint orientation, map query and measurement.

Supported file formats include:
- Point, line and polygon data collection: GEO, SHP
- Raster map: SGT
- Track: SHP, KML
- Waypoints: TXT, CSV, KML
- System requires: Android 2.3

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