Posted by:Geodeticmatt

Hey guys I am looking for a little ammo.

I am in a battle with a large firm that will not answer my RFI's about the locations of the buildings on a very large construction site.

I have been given the following.

One Grid Line / Grid Line intersection for one of 13 Buildings on a site.  They are all connected by a main concourse.  The given control line has two monuments fly tied and the said control point has a North Bearing.  The length of the control line is 70 feet.

This site is roughly 1,400 feet in lenght and roughly 800 feet wide.

I have been adomant that this is not enough to determine the deisigners intent with regards to the building locations.  I have requested ties to the site coordinate system for each building.  I asked for 4 for each building.  I could live with two.

I have been fighting these folks for 4 months now and they have affectively delivered nothing.  Their stance is they don't want to take on any of the surveyors liability for this site.

My stance is I have enough liability in ensuring I can locate the buildings accurately according to their design.  They need to be clear on the buildings locations on the site.

We are not designers.  We are Surveyors and are not allowed to design.  By us placing these buildings on the site we are affectively outside our proffesional liability and have moved into the designers role.

I would like to have some Ammo / Support to enter into this battle.

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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