GeoShack is pleased to announce the addition of Scott Dunham to our team as the Imaging & Scanning Business Development Manager. Scott is based in our Austin, Texas facility and will work throughout North America.

Scott is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and is a Certified Photogrammetrist with 12 years of geospatial experience, including three years of mobile mapping and terrestrial scanning mapping services. “I am excited about bringing my mobile LiDAR and laser scanning expertise to the GeoShack family”, he said. “As manager of the Imaging & Scanning Business Unit, I will educate, support, and consult with our customers to match this cutting edge technology and software with their geospatial needs.”

GeoShack offers the latest technology in the field with the Topcon IP-S2 and GLS-1500. The IP-S2 is a vehicle-mounted mobile LiDAR system which quickly provides high accuracy data and dynamic imaging for any mapping project. The GLS-1500 is Topcon’s Terrestrial Scanning laser which speeds up point cloud collection and allows consistent, high accuracy measurements over a wide range of distances.

Our Imaging & Scanning Business Development Manager will work directly with you to find the best solution to fit your needs. You can reach Scott at (512) 821-2828, on his cell phone at (512) 800-5078, or by e-mail