GeoShack North America, Inc. announces the formation of our new Imaging & Scanning Business Unit. David Owen, Vice President, will be heading up the new division, and managing the sales and support efforts throughout North America.

Mr. Owen stated, “The speed with which we can now accurately capture large amounts of data is going to change the way many companies and governmental entities look at their infrastructure and assets. At GeoShack our goal will be to educate and consult with our customers to match this cutting edge technology and software with their geospatial needs whether its equipment, services or support.”

Scott Beathard, president, added, “The imaging solution software and technology is still relatively new but it has advanced to the point where it’s a sound investment for any company or governmental entity who needs to have access to 3-D modeling images for a wide variety of applications with a high degree of accuracy. The ability to capture 1.3 million points per second at highway speed will enable our clients to easily extract features never before possible.”

GeoShack’s imaging and scanning solutions will be centered on Topcon’s family of products.
  • The IP-S2 Integrated High Accuracy 3D Mobile Mapping System is designed for fully integrated positioning and data collection solutions for land-based vehicles, and the HD Mapping System from Velodyne Lidar, Inc. for high-accuracy mapping. Topcon’s IP-S2 Mobile Mapping System overcomes the challenges of mapping 3D features at a high level of accuracy. Accurate vehicle positions are obtained using three technologies: a dual frequency GNSS receiver establishes a geospatial position; an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) provides vehicle attitude; and connection to the vehicle CAN bus or external wheel encoders obtains odometry information. These three technologies work together to sustain a highly accurate 3D position for the vehicle even in locations where satellite signals can be blocked by obstructions such as buildings, bridges, or tree lines.
  • Topcon’s scanning solution is the GLS-1500 Laser Scanner, the latest version in this product line. At 30,000 points per second and a 150 meter range, it is at least 10 times faster than the previous model. The GLS-1500 has a built in 2.0 megapixel digital camera, an onboard data collector with keypad and LCD display.
  • Spatial Factory is a unique and powerful software tool for viewing, analyzing, and extracting features from processed IP-S2 datasets. Features Include an easy-to-use Interface, supports Import/Export of ESRI Shapefiles, CSV and LAS formats and multiple coordinate system support
Go to our dynamic new website at to learn more about our offerings, service and support. The newly designed site features a fresh look and feel with simple unobtrusive navigation enabling you to find the information you need. Our Imaging & Scanning team will work directly with you to find the best solution to fit your needs. You can reach David Owen at (512) 821-2828 or by e-mail