All our expertise, dedication to our customers and attention to details have gone into developing the latest version of LFM Server. Our two core values - “Continual Innovation and Support” have been of major importance since we've always wanted to provide our customers with the best in 3D laser scanning software. This is the reason why LFM Server 4.0 has undergone major development and beta testing, in order to make sure that we give customers what they want, and what they need. After receiving and implementing extensive feedback (via Surveys, various User Meetings to discuss current developments with users), LFM Server 4.0 was made available for download on 1 May 2011.

If you’re looking to work with laser scan data and enjoy the benefits of an open system without restriction, then you’re in the right place.

With LFM Server 4.0, not only can you create and manage huge point cloud databases from a large range of laser scanners, but you can link to almost all of the major CAD packages using just one piece of software.

LFM Server 4.0 builds on the strengths of the hugely popular LFM Server 3 whilst adding a new dimension in versatility. A host of new design features, coupled to an incredible new interface, all add up to a great new feature set.

New Ribbon Style interface

The interface provides a host of novel new features using the latest developments in interface design.

-New Design:Experienced users should feel at home almost straight away whilst new users will find all of the features they expect from a well thought out state of the art interface.

-Drag & Drop:The drag and drop features of this brand new interface will increase user’s productivity. Moreover, with the new ‘Quick-Access’ Menu, loading recent projects is as easy as a simple click.

- Grid View:A versatile new Grid View allows users to see up to four views simultaneously. These can be either all BubbleViews™ or a mix of both 3D and BubbleViews™.

Enhanced Volume Manager

Selecting complex regions in 3D space, so that they can be clearly viewed, is made really simple in the latest LFM Server.

- Simple Selection Process:This rapid process is done using a simple to place and intuitive “Stretching Box” which can be easily adjusted for rapid point selection. Users can quickly spawn off new regions allowing multiple volumes to be quickly defined. Each volume can be morphed, manipulated and swivelled into a multitude of shapes.

- Increased Productivity :This new volume manager is recognized as one of the biggest improvements of LFM Server since multiple volumes can be selected regardless of their position in 3D space, enabling users to work more ‘instinctively’ than before.

BubbleView Enhancements

- Neighbouring Scan Site Map:Each BubbleView now maps the exact location of scans which are in the vicinity. A single click is all that is needed to switch into a neighbouring BubbleView.

- Enhanced colour support:In line with the latest development in colour mapping, the colour depth has been increased to map rich and vibrant colours accurately.

- Inter BubbleView measurement:Multiple BubbleViews can now be displayed, either in Grid View or as floating images. Measurements can be made from BubbleView to BubbleView, which enables measurements to be taken over very large distances.

- Point-plane Measurements:Facilitates easy measurement of the height of objects off the ground, the space below beams or the gap between walls.

- Quick Detach:BubbleViews can be rapidly torn off the interface for use in CAD systems or directly launched from external CAD packages. Once a BubbleView is detached, a drop down toolbar is available inside the BubbleView. The toolbar can be permanently visible using the new ‘Drop Pin’ functionality.

Compatible with Windows 7

Giving you the confidence that LFM Server is tested for compatibility and reliability on Windows 7. Compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit editions.

Scan Gateway

LFM Server aims to be scanner neutral. New to LFM Server 4.0 is the ability to read the latest Z+F Imager 5010 data as well as the latest Faro, Riegl and Leica format.

CAD Links

LFM Server is also CAD-vendor neutral and the CAD interface has been further enhanced, enabling users to interface with the latest Revit for BIM applications.

Administrator Capabilities

(Dongle Protected)

- Translation and rotation of databases:Using a simple time-saving utility, project administrators can now reposition an entire LFM Server database without regeneration.

- NetView Project Creator (Optional):Creating Internet or file-based NetView projects has never been easier. The NetView Project Creator uses a simple to use Wizard to guide the user through the NetView Project Creator process.

InfiniteCore Technology

When it comes to handling multiple high capacity databases LFM Server is unequalled.

LFM Server users benefit from its InfiniteCore technology, which allows an unlimited number of registered laser scans to be stored in a single database without compromise.

Its unique method of organising laser scan data means that even for the biggest project, every single point of measured scan information can be stored.

InfiniteCore technology lies at the heart of LFM Server, which means that access speed is unaffected and individual laser scans remain unaltered, intact and freely accessible.

BubbleView Interface

This powerful “true to life” tool gives user the impression of being on-site. The BubbleView provides a natural 360° view of a high resolution intensity image.

Multiple actions can be undertaken within the BubbleView including volume selection, pipe diameter measurements and CAD object rendering with the Objects in Bubble feature.

Unrivalled CAD Connectivity

Not only can LFM Server handle huge data sets, but it can also interface with most CAD packages, enabling users to enjoy the benefits of an open system without restrictions.

Bring laser scan data directly from LFM to your preferred CAD system with a seamless interface, whether it is Autodesk, Aveva, Intergraph, Bentley or VR Context.

Automatic Clash Detection:A powerful and reliable clash detection tool displays every interference between a proposed CAD design and as-built laser scan data. Each of the clashes can be displayed within the BubbleView in high resolution.

Detailed clash management tools and structured reporting allowing each clash to be controled for QA purposes.

Smart Demolition Tools for Engineering and Asset Management:Laser scan data can be temporarily demolished so that it does not contribute to the clash detection process of an engineering project, and also to reflect changes in the as-built site.

Users can highlight and block out multiple regions which are to be demolished from the dataset, making it an essential tool for Owner / Operators to easily understand and document their asset.

Finally, the points are never completely removed and can be brought back where required. This allows users to get an instant visual feedback of the regions which are to be demolished.

Hardware Neutral:Changing the hardware system will not affect the software solution.

Most of the common scan formats can be read. This has direct cost implications for anyone involved in 3D Laser Scanning, since only one piece of software is required, even when using multiple hardware systems.

Create Pipe tie-ins:LFM Server allows users to create pipe tie-ins. This approach enables customers to be more streamlined in their design work processes.

Simple Measurement Process:Users can measure by clicking several points within a BubbleView. Measurements of structures or pipes diameters can also be made within the BubbleView.

Edge Mode:Edge mode allows users to visualize outlines of features such as walls and pavements. Whilst in Edge mode, floor plans and elevations can be created by drawing around the point cloud data. Edge Mode can be acessed directly at anytime when working in the CAD environment.

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