Contex is pleased to announce the availability of WiseImage Vectory, an automatic raster-to-vector software for Contex's wide format scanning customers.

Contex is pleased to announce the availability of WiseImage Vectory, an automatic raster-to-vector software for Contex's wide format scanning customers. Contex leads the market in providing wide format scanning solutions that help customers expedite their business needs. The company's newest solution, developed by CSoft, saves customers valuable time and labor by automatically correcting scanned images and eliminating linear and non-linear image distortions using the calibration procedure. WiseImage Vectory complements Contex's range of award-winning scanning solutions, and will be showcased at the ESRI User Conference, in San Diego, Calif., July 11-15 at Contex booth #1407.

"Wiseimage Vectory is an exciting product that makes raster-to-vector conversion fast and easy," comments Michael McMillen, regional sales manager for Contex Americas. "Its powerful features saves customers hours in digitizing scanned drawings manually."

Wiseimage Vectory Features

Designed for high performance and increased productivity, Contex scanners with WiseImage Vectory offer fast and reliable raster-to-vector conversation of technical drawings, maps, plans, drafts, sketches and other graphics. WiseImage Vectory includes numerous capabilities to convert scanned monochrome images to accurate CAD/GIS drawings. The tool makes post-conversion corrections, and can create and edit vector objects. The recognition parameters can be fine-tuned manually or by using preset recognition templates. An embedded editor provides users with a comprehensive set of drawing tools for post-processing of converted scanned drawings prior to exporting them for use in CAD.

Wiseimage Vectory recognizes lines, arcs, circles, polylines, outlines, texts, symbols, and hatches. Automatic corrections include joining the ends of contour objects, line orthogonalization to a specified degree, and automatic object conversion of ovals to circles. The resulting vector drawing is of a high quality, and in most cases, requires minimal manual correction. Wiseimage Vectory also includes an OCR text recognition engine. Users can train the OCR module to recognize any raster text including unique stencils and handwritten text. Wiseimage Vectory saves files into CAD-compatible vector formats such as DWG or DXF, and has a direct interface for Contex wide format scanners.

Upgrade Guarantee

Wiseimage Vectory is now available through Contex Americas. Other products in the line include WiseImage and WiseImage Pro, which offer more image editing functions such as calibration, color image processing or raster editing using CAD commands. Contex is offering an upgrade guarantee to WiseImage Vectory users that allows them to upgrade to another product in the WiseImage product line within one year of purchasing the entry level solution.