Leica Geosystems’ SmartNet North America, a network of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers that covers Canada and the United States, recently implemented powerful improvements to its main user interface, SmartNet Portal. “We want to be sure that everyone who uses SmartNet-whether they’re experienced users or brand new to network RTK-is able to get all the information they need to work effectively, and that they have easy access to SmartNet’s most powerful features,” said Wendy Watson, Leica Geosystems’ director of reference station operations. To provide a continuous stream of easily accessed network status updates, SmartNet Portal will be integrating a Twitter feed into daily operations. “The media tends to present Twitter as strictly a social tool, but in fact it has real business advantages for SmartNet users,” explained Watson, “By following the @smartnet_na twitter feed, SmartNet subscribers will get a quick, unobtrusive stream of concise network status updates and other relevant information.” The Twitter feed will also be available directly on the SmartNet Portal athttp://smartnet.leica-geosystems.us/

SmartNet North America has also implemented live status maps, and site database search tools. “SmartNet has a lot of powerful analysis tools, and we’re happy to make them more accessible,” said Watson, “The live status maps are intuitive displays, superimposed on aerial displays, that give an instant, at-a-glance understanding of network operations, and the search tools provide a much easier way to drill down into details like receiver status, installation specifics, and coordinate and epoch information.” Key features of the status maps and site database include:
  • real-time operational status of all stations
  • ambiguity availability of all stations
  • site ID and RTCM ID search tools
  • online site logs and pictures of stations
  • links to NGS site logs
A new suite of account and rover management tools completes the SmartNet Portal enhancements. “These new tools are really incredible,” said Watson, “They enable all our subscribers to easily monitor all the work they do.” Users can track the location and usage statistics of individual rovers, and detailed connection logs can be downloaded for documentation purposes. Other key features include:
  • rover usage graphics
  • usage mapping
  • effective crew monitoring and management
  • username and password recovery
  • easy editing of account and equipment information
“By continuing to improve our subscriber’s experience, we’re adding more convenience to our extremely powerful network of GNSS receivers,” said Watson, “And, SmartNet North America will continue to do whatever it takes to be the most reliable network available.”

For more information, please visit http://smartnet.leica-geosystems.us/