Leica Geosystems recently announced the start of an unprecedented trade-in program: From now through the end of the year, the company is offering new and existing customers $7,600 for any Dual-Frequency GNSS Receiver or Total Station unit traded in for a new Viva GNSS RTK Rover System.

"We realized how many companies have capital tied up in existing older equipment that can't be left sitting on the shelf," said Andrew Hurley, Leica Geosystems' business manager of surveying and engineering for the NAFTA region. "To help with that capital deployment challenge, Leica Geosystems has designed this trade-in program."

"We will accept any Dual-Frequency Receiver, and any robotic, motorized or manual Total Station, from any brand," Hurley said.

The terms of the program are simple: All traded-in equipment must be less than 12 years old and in working condition; and all trade-ins must be received within 30 days of ordering a new Viva GNSS RTK Rover System.

"This is an incredible opportunity for users looking at new GNSS technology, because we're enabling them to upgrade to a best-in -class product," Hurley said. "The Viva GNSS system is equipped with the most advanced, accurate surveying technology available. And if there's any time when accuracy counts, it's when you're reading measurements on-site."

And none of that traded-in equipment will go to waste, Hurley added.

"Those older products will potentially be used in surveying educational programs, which will help to further our profession as a whole," he said.

To learn more about this trade-in offer, find your local Leica Geosystems sales representative or dealerhere.