Spalding DeDecker Associates, Inc. (SDA), a regional civil engineering, landscape architectural, and surveying firm, was selected as one of the new city engineers for the City of Rochester Hills, Michigan.

As a business located within Rochester Hills, SDA is very proud to announce the city as a new client.  As one of the new engineers, SDA will supplement city engineering staff with infrastructure study and design, as well as construction contract administration and inspection.

SDA’s professionals possess expertise in planning, studies and investigations, funding, infrastructure design, construction engineering, contract administration, water resources management, surveying, transportation, and facilities management for municipalities.

The City of Rochester Hills is approximately 32.2 square miles and surrounds the City of Rochester on its northern, western, and southern borders. The infrastructure of Rochester Hills consists of sanitary sewers, watermains, local roads, major roads, storm sewers, and non-motorized pathways and trails.

“SDA is delighted to be serving the City of Rochester Hills. It’s especially gratifying to be serving the city in which we reside. The city has a well qualified, progressive Engineering Department that we can supplement with our expertise.  We look forward to our partnership and welcome the City of Rochester Hills as our newest municipal client,” said President Steve Benedettini.