Optech Incorporated is pleased to announce that it is now broadcasting on its own YouTube channel, OptechGlobal.

OptechGlobal will showcase Optech products and their applications, as well as intriguing examples of data products, workflows, and most importantly, success stories from Optech clients and end-users.

The channel was established in response to the growing need for demonstrating the capabilities of Optech products, and to communicate with customers, prospective clients and beyond, about lidar imaging and 3D measuring technology and how it can add value to business.

"Over the next few months, look for OptechGlobal to illustrate what we can do globally, and in fact on other planets as well," says Brent Gelhar, Optech's executive vice president of sales and marketing. "It's a visual medium and so much of what we do-the data our products collect and even the end products-is highly visual as well. It's a good fit for us."

OptechGlobal is available at www.youtube.com/OptechGlobal.