Traverse PC announces the release of TPC Desktop 2011 for geodetic and cadastral surveys. The entry level Personal edition simplifies grid vs. ground distance, project elevation scaling and mapping angles. The Premium edition includes full geodetics, relating geodetic positions and grid coordinates through the selected coordinate reference system. The Professional edition extends geodetics to the Public Lands Survey System with specific routines like grant boundary and irregular boundary adjustment, single and double proportions, etc. All editions extend their geodetic and cadastral capabilities into the COGO and drafting tools, as well.

TPC Desktop 2011 makes geodetics and the PLSS easy through new distance and direction types. Users can choose a distance type like Geo Dist (at project elevation 1500.00 PLSS) that describes exactly what it does. Up to eight (8) distance types and five (5) direction types are available depending on the edition. 

TPC Desktop 2011 also features support for the new ALTA/ACSM 2011 standards.

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