The GNSS equipment manufacturer believes the move could provide a resolution for the LightSquared/GPS conflict.

JAVAD is circulating an online petition to end P-code encryptionas a way to strengthen the GPS signal and prevent interference from broadband networks such as the network being developed by LightSquared. The petition states:

“High precision GNSS receivers are more sensitive to interference because GPS digital signals are used for "ranging.” A 30-year-old U.S. policy of encrypting P-codes has made GPS 1,000 times more vulnerable to interference, especially for high-precision applications. Encrypting should be done only where and when needed.”

The petition notes that “high-precision applications of GPS are major contributors to our national success and growth” and urges President Obama to end P-code encryption as quickly as possible. JAVAD has also developed a videothat outlines the problem and the proposed solution.