After careful deliberation, the Outreach Committee has chosen the top 12 posters in the GISCI poster contest. Fifty-two (52) people submitted posters that met the standards as described in the rules. All of the posters submitted were excellent.

You can see all 52 posters at GISCI Poster Contest. You can see the top 12 posters atGISCI Poster Contest - Top 12.

The top 12 posters will now be judged in two ways: a panel of preeminent geospatial judges will select the top three winners, and the geospatial public will vote on a a People's Choice Award to be chosen from a voting forum available on Facebook.

The voting for the People's Choice is now open. To vote, please go to the new GISCI Facebookpage and "Like" your favorite poster. The poster with the most votes at 5pm Central on June 30, 2011, will win the People's Choice Award.

The judges choosing the top three winners are:

-- Roger Tomlinson, GISP, Father of GIS

-- Gretchen Peterson, GISP, Renowned Cartographer

-- Kirk Eby, GISP, Treasurer of the Cartography and Geographic Information Society

Thank you to everyone who entered. We have an excellent group of cartographers in our midst.

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