Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI), a Colorado laser-based designer and manufacturer releases the TruPulse 360 R, a rugged and waterproof version of the professional measurement and mapping laser.

The TruPulse 360 R possesses the same power and functionality as LTI’s current TruPulse 360 B, which measures distances, heights, remote span values and azimuth. All the raw data and on-board solutions can be directly imported into almost any Bluetooth enabled device. Software, such as LaserGIS for ArcPad, accepts these values and applies them to a reference point for collecting remote locations of features. LaserGIS can also automatically apply attribute data measured with the TruPulse such as heights, widths, clearances, and elevations.

The horizontal design and more robust exterior are what make the TruPulse 360 R stand out from its current version. Professionals now have the opportunity to utilize this revolutionary measurement technology and work within harsher conditions. Tens of thousands of professionals are already using LTI’s technology for applications such as GIS/GPS mapping, forestry and natural resource management, construction, electric utility measurements and even communication network design.

“The TruPulse series offer an immediate ROI in saving field time and reducing safety liabilities in comparison to other conventional measurement tools and methods. The new TruPulse 360 R now offers another level of usability within extreme conditions, which our customers encounter all the time,” says David Williams, CEO of Laser Technology.

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