Champion Instruments announced the release of its complete GNSS RTK Base/Rover kit for the U.S. and International markets branded the Champion TKO.

Building on the success of the Champion nV3 Network Rover the TKO is a completely integrated GNSS base/rover kit with dual integrated UHF and GPRS Modems.

Dr. Huiming Song, CTO of Champion Instruments says, “With the TKO build we focused on packaging all the necessary components to perform base/rover RTK work in areas not covered by an RTK Network.”

Based around the state of the art Maxwell 220 Channel GNSS Board, this turnkey base/rover kit allows simultaneous tracking of GPS L1, L2E, L2C, GLONASS L1, L2 and is future proofed with support of the new GPS L5 signal and multiple Galileo signals. The base/rover system is optimized for unprecedented connectivity with the following integrated devices: Dual Bluetooth, receive and transmit 2 watt UHF radios, GSM modem, internal static storage memory and two serial ports. The Internal UHF and GSM module incorporate external antenna connectors allowing for extended high gain antenna hookups.

"We typically run everything on the eGPS Network but have been taking on jobs in other states without reliable RTK Network coverage, so having an efficient and super accurate base/rover setup is critical," says Bruce Hamilton, survey manager for Travis Pruitt and Associates. "The TKO base/rover is the best system we’ve tested; we’ll typically fix nearly 20 satellites in under 5 seconds and will hold a repeatable fix in some of the most inhospitable RTK environments.”

The Champion TKO base/rover kit is supplied with the user friendly MicroSurvey’s FieldGenius and can also be controlled with the Carlson’s SurvCE collector. Designed especially for tough surveying conditions, the integrated Champion TKO handles drops, dirt, water, and extreme temperatures, making it an ideal solution for everyone’s high accuracy base/rover positioning needs.