Safe Software announced that FME, the leading spatial data transformation technology, now offers enhancements that make it even faster to access the spatial intelligence that is stored in leading database formats. Organizations now have unprecedented flexibility to get right at the exact data they need to power their business decisions.

New functionality in FME 2011 increases the speed of extracting the precise subset of data that is immediately needed from databases such as Oracle Spatial, Esri ArcSDE, Microsoft SQL Server, PostGIS, and others. Users can then transform the data to meet their format and data model requirements and integrate it with other data for a more unified view. This frees the organization to leverage its data assets as spatial intelligence, whenever it's needed.

The new, streamlined approach means that less time is spent loading unneeded data into the transformation process. Instead, organizations can get straight to the data that they want to use to power business intelligence, much faster and more efficiently than ever before.

"At Safe Software we are committed to improving spatial data access for everyone," says Dale Lutz, vice president and co-founder of Safe Software. "We look forward to seeing what our customers will now be able to accomplish with faster access to the spatial intelligence they need."

Organizations interested in seeing this functionality in action are invited to attend Safe Software's live webinar: "Quickly Move Your Data into Place with Oracle Spatial and FME," on June 9, 2011 at 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EDT / 7:00pm CEST. To learn more and to register, visit