Carlson Software and Grontmij Nederland are bringing MOVE3, the easy-to-use Least Squares adjustment package, to surveyors and surveying, engineering, and construction companies throughout the United States and Canada.

Designed for all kinds of survey work, MOVE3 has proven itself an indispensible tool for providing quality control and assurance during site calibration. From 1D height determination to 3D deformation analysis, MOVE3 handles all observation types, ETS, GNSS and leveling in any combination. The adjustment goes side-by-side with extensive quality control based on state-of-the-art statistical tests.

Grontmij, who developed MOVE3, is a leading sustainable design and management consultancy active in four business lines: Planning & Design, Transportation & Mobility, Water & Energy, Monitoring & Testing. "We are delighted that Carlson will be helping to bring the U.S. surveying community easy access to these high standard tools for Adjustment and Quality Control," says Hubert Habib, director of Grontmij Nederland. "I am sure users will particularly appreciate the graphic working environment of MOVE3 and will feel confident about the fact that big vendors in the Geomatics industry have also chosen for the technology built inside MOVE3"

"We are looking forward to a good response to this distortion-free, true 3D Least Squares package in North America," says Bruce Carlson, president of Carlson Software. "The mathematics in MOVE3 are based on a rigorous 3D model, which eliminates the need for any pre-applied distortion or correction. Observations in your traverse or network enter straight into the model."

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