The fully integrated RIEGL VMX-450 Mobile Laser Scanning System features a new design, which ensures excellent aerodynamics and protection of cabling. Two RIEGL VQ-450 "Full Circle" Laser Scanners, providing a scanning rate of up to 400 lines/sec and a laser pulse repetition rate of up to 1.1 MHz, are combined with an IMU/GNSS unit and assure very fast acquisition of survey-grade 3D data. Just like its sister type VMX-250, it operates at eye-safe laser class 1 and is capable of multiple targets, guaranteeing a high penetration rate of obstructions. In combination with an optional modular camera system, scan data and precisely time-stamped calibrated images can be acquired simultaneously for seamless storage and processing in the same project structure. User friendliness is enhanced by its light weight and compact design. Therefore, it can be mounted and installed on various platforms (e.g. car, boat, train) easily.

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