Leica Geosystems is pleased to announce version 4.0 of the easy-to-use Leica SmartWorx Viva onboard software being available in November 2011. This new version is packed with exciting new features to make data collection and stakeout even simpler and even more productive.

Leica Geosystems is committed to continually improve and extend Leica SmartWorx Viva surveying software. Ever since the initial launch of SmartWorx Viva in November 2009 there has been 2 major releases each year. This is again the case - 6 months after the release of SmartWorx Viva v3.5 there is now available SmartWorx Viva v4.0.

Shannon Hixon, director of Product Marketing at Leica Geosystems says “We have been extremely busy gathering wishes and ideas from our users for new features within SmartWorx Viva. It is this feedback which influences the new functionality we add to our software. I am very happy to say that even in the short time frame of 6 months we have added an incredible number of new features.”

The new features in SmartWorx Viva v4.0 include the following:

- Leica Exchange:Leica Geosystems Trusted Services is extended with the introduction of Leica Exchange. This allows data to be transferred between field users and office users. Objects such as jobs, code lists and coordinate systems are recognised and automatically places in the appropriate locations making data transfer very simple

- 3D data overlay:Points, lines and areas which have been surveyed are now overlaid onto the live video produced by the wide-angle camera of the TS11 and TS15 imaging total stations

- Improved remote viewing of the TS wide angle camera with CTR16/RH16 radios:Together with a Viva CS Field Controller (with the new CTR16 radio) and a TS15 Imaging Total Station ( with the new RH16 radio handle) it is now possible to see what the total station sees with a 10Hz update rate.

- Panoramic image capture:When using a TS15 imaging total station it is now possible to capture a “panoramic” image. The area over which the panoramic image should be captured is defined and the total station then captures the appropriate number of images, stitches them together and stores one panoramic image

- Improved lock at short distances:The lock performance of the TS15 total station is now greatly improved especially when working at short distances from the total station

- Extensions to pop-up menus and Drawing toolbar:Within many maps it is now possible to select multiple objects from the map. Tapping and holding then presents a pop-up menu containing options depending on the objects selected. Additionally a drawing toolbar has been added which allows line and area objects to be easily surveyed

- Using GS08 and GS12 GNSS Sensors as RTK base stations:It is now possible to use the GS08 and GS12 GNSS Sensors as RTK base stations

For more information, visitwww.leica-geosystems.us/en/Leica-SmartWorx-Viva_79270.htm.