NSPS Begins Efforts to Create New Unified Organization

In July, representatives at the ACSM Congress meeting in San Diego approved a motion to disband and dissolve ACSM and turn over operation, control, assets and liabilities to NSPS.

A statement issued by the presidents of the three member organizations--NSPS, AAGS and GLIS--noted that the NSPS would attempt to create a unified organization comprising individual members representative of the broader definition of surveying. According to the statement, “The mission of the organization shall be to represent and advance the sciences and disciplines of surveying, geodesy, cartography, and related fields through education and communication, in furtherance of public good.”

The realigned group plans to reach out to all members of the geospatial community, including “licensed and nonlicensed boundary surveyors and construction surveyors, geodetic surveyors and mapping surveyors, GIS specialists and photogrammetrists, machine control and LiDAR specialists, cartographers and drafters, and any other related disciplines.”

Both Curt Sumner, executive director of ACSM, and Bill Coleman, president of NSPS emphasized that this development is a logical first step in the ACSM’s reorganization. “It’s part of the realignment structure,” Coleman said. “We’re seeking to reunify the organization. We hope it’s going to be a very amicable marriage that will result in one organization that adequately represents all three geospatial groups.”

Sumner agreed, noting that the urgency was primarily for financial reasons and that NSPS has the resources to best assist with the transition. “It’s important to understand that ACSM still exists--nothing has been torn apart. It’s really just a name change. All the people are still here, and we’re committed to maintaining our existing relationships and following through on our commitments,” he said. “What this move does is disband the Congress, which essentially moves the administrative responsibilities for the organization to the NSPS until a new unified structure is created.”

A committee formed of representatives from NSPS, AAGS and GLIS will conduct a financial operational analysis of the organization and begin developing a plan for creating a member-driven organization that is inclusive of the all the groups it represents. Patrick Smith, chairman of the NSPS Board of Governors, has been appointed to lead the committee.

While a change in the organization’s name as part of the reorganization has not been ruled out, Coleman said any possible changes to the name would not occur until the realignment is completed. Sumner said the organization name might remain NSPS, it might become ACSM, or it might be something else entirely. “We need to end up with something that is representative of the breadth of the professionals we represent, but it’s hard to say right now what that decision might be,” he said. For more information, visitwww.nspsmo.org.

New Building Documentation Organization Established

A group of owners, architects, engineers, surveyors, contractors and technologists recently formed a nonprofit organization dedicated to building documentation.

The United States Institute of Building Documentation (USIBD) aims to educate and support stakeholders in the built environment, establish standards and guidelines for building documentation, and foster a network of professionals for sharing information related to building documentation. “Our vision is to be the leading resource for the building documentation industry,” said John Russo, AIA and president of the USIBD.

There are many groups who seek building documentation services--including owners, architects, engineers and contractors--and Russo said he saw a need for a national organization to bring all the stakeholders together. “It’s time the U.S. building survey industry gains the recognition it deserves,” Russo said.

The USIBD currently consists of nine founding members representing a cross-section of building industry professionals. While the organization is still defining how memberships will work, Russo said he envisions both corporate and individual memberships. For more information, visitwww.usibd.org.

MAPPS Names Presidential Award Recipients

Outgoing MAPPS President Jeff Lovin (Woolpert, Dayton, Ohio) recognized 15 individuals for significant contributions to the association and the profession at the association’s annual conference in Bolton Landing, N.Y. Those honored included Bobby Tuck, Tuck Mapping; Jim Page; Eric Andelin, Woolpert; Bob Hickey, Photo Science; Mike Tully, Aerial Services; Jim van Rens, Riegl USA; Pat Olson, AeroMetric; Scott Perkins, Wilson & Company; Mark Safran, BAE Systems; Zsolt Nagy, AECOM; Kurt Allen, Photo Science; Tina Cary, Cary and Associates; Steve Cox, McColl School of Business; and Cy Smith, GIS Coordinator of Oregon.

“MAPPS is truly a member-driven organization, and all of our accomplishments are achieved through the efforts of individual volunteers,” Lovin said. “The President’s Award recognizes those who go above and beyond serving the organization. Each of these individuals has invested so much of their time and talent in the organization, and these awards are an expression of my personal gratitude.” For more information, visitwww.mapps.org.