Swiss Company FODIS presents FODIS Measure3D with new features, a combination of a fast high resolution 360° panorama camera with innovative software packages, allowing direct 3D measurement in RGB images rapidly and accurately. FODIS Measure3D was introduced to the 3D measurement community earlier in 2011 as a new high precision instrument, allowing an accuracy of on average 1mm in 10 meters. It enables significant savings in field and office work, thereby multiplying productivity for 3D projects.

For InterGeo 2011 the FODIS team presents some innovative new features. The useability and convenience of the FODIS Measure3D software has been further improved by adding visual tools for facilitating direct measurement on the images. However, more importantly, the software now simplifies the downstream processing and presentation of 3D data significantly. For example, the FODIS Measure3D software now allows direct export of 3D points in data exchange format (.dxf) to build models in CAD. Secondly, the images are automatically undistorted for downstream processing, for example in a panoramic viewer or third party software. Finally, 3D measurements can be embedded in the images and exported into a virtual tour for easy sharing of results, in particular on intranet or on the web.

In parallel to expanding the FODIS Measure 3D software a new FODIS panorama camera was conceived. The camera has now a more robust build for rough environments. New lens brackets and nodal slots have been added for easy change of the lens to adjust the framing of the image to the 3D measure scene. The new FODIS camera model is presented to the public at InterGeo 2011 for the first time.

In the field of surveying and mapping, accuracy and reliability of measurement tools are key to success. A new system needs validation and testing under real environmental conditions. To this end, the FODIS system was tested in the field, comparing its workflow, productivity and accuracy to established measurement systems such as total stations and laser scanners.

Under the leadership of the Japanese Association of Surveyors, the new FODIS Measure3D system was benchmarked with a total station and a single-frame camera. One test was performed outdoor for accuracy and two tests indoor for productivity and system performance. The FODIS Measure3D system proved to be a viable and accurate alternative to total stations, especially in situations where the object to be measured can be viewed from different perspectives. With regards to productivity (time spent in the field and in the office) and in automatic data acquisition/storage, FODIS Measure3D has clear benefits.

In another practical project the FODIS system measured the dimensions of glass domes at Zurich’s Botanical Gardens. This indoor assignment proved to be challenging for other mapping instruments because of many reflections, caused by the glass and metal structure, and occlusions due to the confined interior. To deal with this complex environment more effectively, FODIS coded targets were attached to the dome structure, thus allowing automated image orientation and maximum accuracy for the final 3D measurements. Here again, the FODIS Measure3D solution set a new benchmark in productivity, as the 3D project was finished in less than a day.

FODIS Measure3D is a strong alternative especially for indoor measurements where rapid, accurate and selective point measurements are required. Furthermore, because the FODIS system provides a panoramic view and rich information content in resolution, it deals with complexity more efficiently than other measurement tools. At the same time, the FODIS system has the advantage of the image with embedded measurements, which allows easy sharing and visualisation of results on new media such as intranet and the web.

FODIS Measure3D is available directly from FODIS or via the FODIS distribution network. For further information and images of the FODIS camera in print quality please visit the FODIS website