The new Z+F PROFILER 5010 is based on the IMAGER 5010. With a scan rate of 1 million points per second and maximum scan speed of 100 rev/sec, very short distances between profiles can be achieved at high speeds. At the highest point density of 40,960 points/360 degrees, even the smallest objects can be registered and processed by the software. Since the new laser measurement system belongs to laser class 1, the scanner can be used in urban environments without restriction.

A hardware-assisted pixel-by-pixel synchronization, already tried and tested in previous models, makes it possible to process external signals to determine the position of the scan data. Using the LEMO connections, GPS, displacement sensors and counters can be attached and the external timing pulses directly fed into the scan data stream. Synchronization with a pulse from the scanner can also be managed using one of the connections. The new 1GB Ethernet interface allows the scan data to be transmitted online to an external PC if a real-time evaluation or visualization of the data is required. The PROFILER 5010 is also equipped with a color touchscreen and intuitive operating concept.

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