Fast to learn and easy to use point cloud tool box for AutoCad Undet will be introduced by JSC InfoEra at Intergeo 2011. Undet is entry-level point cloud processing software for object analysis, 2D drafting and 3D modeling. With just a core feature set Undet will let you manage and use point clouds quickly and easily without extensive training.

HDS, Terrestrial scanning, Mobile mapping, LIDAR are the keywords for high performance point cloud capture. AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Plant 3D, AutoCAD Civil 3D are the great tools for professionals and drafters in AEC market. Leafcutter ant (Undet) is the third strongest animal compared to Body Weight. They can lift something 50 times their own body weight. Imagine a person who can lift a truck.

Point Cloud ToolBox is small like Leafcutter ant Undet and can easy “lift” the huge point clouds within AutoCAD to increase your 2D drafting and 3D modeling productivity.