NSPS Student Competition Set for March

The 2012 NSPS Student Competition will be held in conjunction with the Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon Annual Conference March 13-16, 2012, at the Red Lion Hotel on the River in Portland, Ore.

This year’s competition will focus on surveying applications for GIS. Participants need to fill out and return the pre-notification form on or before Nov. 1 in order to compete in the 2012 competition. Forms are available at www.nspsmo.organd can be emailed to the competition coordinator ata.r.vannozzi@unh.edu.

MAPPS Launches State Chapter in Colorado

MAPPS added a new Colorado chapter in August. Based in Denver, the goal of CO-MAPPS will be to promote the geospatial firms and organizations in Colorado; work with the state to leverage further economic growth; strengthen and broaden relationships with the educational community; provide a voice for the private sector and the community in governmental processes; and pursue public/private partnerships, as well as promote skilled workforces, market innovation and a more competitive market. For more information, visitwww.mapps.org.

ASPRS Releases LAS 1.4 Draft Specification

The LAS Working Group of the ASPRS LIDAR Division submitted a draft proposal in August for version 1.4 of the LAS specification for comment. Designed to solve several problems for the kinematic laser scanner community, the LAS 1.4 specification includes several major changes compared to LAS 1.3.

The review cycle for the proposal lasts for 60 days and will expire on Oct. 22. The working group has said it will consider all input and will incorporate changes that impact the intent of the revision. The draft proposal can be found atwww.asprs.org, and comments can be submitted toLAS@asprs.org.