The new Z+F IMAGER 5010 with an eyesafe 1.5 micron laser wavelength operates at a maximum range of 187.3 m (614.5 feet) with a maximum measurement rate of more than 1 million points per second. Users can select from seven different resolutions and four quality levels to achieve the optimum scan configuration for each application. Other features include a 320 x 360-degree field of view; a lightweight (9.8 kg/21.6 lb), compact (170 x 286 x 395 mm) design; intuitive operation through a touchscreen display; and a one-touch scan button with a fast start (the entire start phase only takes one or two seconds). The system operates as a completely standalone unit with scan data stored on two removable USB flash drives or a flash card. A built-in color display color display allows scans to be viewed with a zoom function and a simple measuring function.

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