Pointools Ltd. has licensed Pointools Vortex - its  market-leading point cloud software platform - to Safe Software Inc. - the  maker of FME and the global leader in spatial data transformation technology -  to help GIS professionals and organizations streamline point cloud data  transformation and delivery, and overcome point cloud interoperability challenges.

“This partnership with Safe Software is a natural fit  for us both,” said Joe Croser, VP of Products at Pointools. “With its FME  products – that work with almost every leading application from Autodesk,  Bentley, ESRI, Google, Intergraph, MapInfo, Microsoft, Oracle, and Smallworld –  Safe Software is the global leader in spatial data transformation. By licensing  Pointools Vortex, Safe Software will take full advantage of the Pointools POD  model file format and empower its users to transform the largest point cloud models for use inside the broadest range of applications.”

The  Pointools Vortex platform is widely recognised as the fastest solution for point  cloud import, processing, and display. Feature rich with powerful tools for  shading, editing, and customisation, Pointools is now integrated into more  application platforms than any other point cloud software.

"At  Safe Software, we are committed to helping organizations more easily transform  their spatial data assets to use and share.” commented Dale Lutz, VP of Product  Development at Safe Software. “Today more than ever, organizations are looking  for an efficient way to harness the power and potential of massive point cloud  datasets. By integrating Pointools' Vortex platform, our customers will be able  to more easily convert their spatial data assets into the Pointools POD model  file format so they can leverage the associated benefits that this format brings  to the market."

For more information, visit  www.pointools.com.