Woolpert announced it has been awarded a three-year, $4.6 million contract to provide 1-foot resolution orthophotography and elevation data for the entire state of Indiana.

“We are proud to partner with the Indiana Office of Technology (IOT) to develop a current, seamless statewide map that can be used across all agencies,” said Jeff Lovin, Woolpert senior vice president and director of geospatial services. “Using the latest in digital sensor technology, Woolpert will provide the geospatial services and high-accuracy imagery necessary to support economic growth and public safety throughout the state.”

“We recognize the relationship of high-quality geospatial data to positive economic development. Current, high-resolution ortho imagery data is critical as the foundation for all other geospatial data layers, and, thanks to several funding partners, we are very excited that we can refresh this data statewide,” commented Brian Arrowood, the state’s Chief Information Officer. “And the elevation data is key information that will support everything from flood modeling to transportation planning to asset inventorying.”

The imagery and elevation data will be used by numerous state agencies, and will be shared with county governments for use in applications such as tax assessment, property management, economic development and flood control analysis.

A north-to-south acquisition will be performed in 2011 to complete approximately 30 of the 92 counties. The remaining counties will be flown in 2012 and 2013. The statewide program will also include new U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) compliant light detection and ranging (LiDAR) elevation data for 82 of the 92 counties.

“Woolpert has completed many statewide mapping programs, but one of the most exciting aspects of the Indiana project is the way the data is being delivered to the state through an online data portal,” said Lovin. “In addition to improving communication during processing of the imagery, web-based delivery allows the state and its partners to realize the benefits of this investment much faster.”

Woolpert will work with the IOT to maintain the data portal,www.indianaimagery.com, for use in streamlining data review and project communication. This portal, built using a combination of open source and commercial off-the-shelf technology, will leverage service-oriented-architecture to web enable delivery of imagery and related mapping products to end users. The web portal will also serve as a primary source of information regarding the progress of the project.

For more information, visitwww.woolpert.com.