CHC X90 GPS receiver successfully passed the expert appraisement of GNSS receiver validation performed by the Center for Applied Geomatics (CAG) of the Military University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland.

The ISO 17123-8:2007 standard specifies the field procedures to be adopted when determining and evaluating the precision (repeatability) of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) field measurement systems in real-time kinematic (GNSS RTK) when used in building, surveying and industrial measurements.

In October 2010, a series of tests have been conducted to validate the X90 GPS position accuracy and repeatability using both standard single base station and network RTK solution services from ASG-EUPOS (NAWGEO: FKP2.3, VRS 2.3 and VRS3.1) under various environments.

“In accordance to our ISO 9001 quality system, we have decided to handover the evaluation of our X90 GPS receiver to an independent and recognized European organization. The results show a xy/h standard deviation always lower than 12 mm, validating the field results obtained every day by our customers in more than 50 countries.” said George Zhao, CEO of CHC. “This evaluation confirms that our goal to design and manufacture accurate and reliable GNSS solutions is achieved. CHC is more than ever the first choice for demanding yet cost conscious surveyors.” 

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