Posted by MountainHermit

I came across this today:

"I need to have an unstamped topo survey on a 5 1/2 acre parcel for a subdivision application. I wish to avoid the cost of having a local licensed surveyor do it for the preliminary approval. I believe an unstamped topo survey will work. I want to take my data points with a garmin 60csx with antenna in a forested area and using a grid setup create data points that can then be turned into a contour map. I believe this is possible and while not to the accuracy of a surveryors data points, I suspect it will work for the preliminary.  I need help with setting up the grid and the converting of it into a contour map and would prefer either a civil engineer or survey firm to do the work on a tight budget."

His advertised budget is between $20 & $30 per hour, and he's looking for bids. I suppose the hours could be inflated, but it bothers me that people are actively trying to avoid "local licensed surveyor" involvement to the point of openly advertising on the Web.

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