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1.   A plat (Z) is prepared ca. 1909 but not recorded

2.  Tracts are conveyed in reference to lots and blocks of that plat as well as being described by metes and bounds

3.  The original plat is altered an unknown number of times. 

4.  An Assessor's Plat is recorded 30 years later and has significant differences in distances and bearing from existing versions of the unrecorded plat.

5.  Conveyances subsequent to recording the Assessor's Plat refer only to the Assessor's Plat.

6.  There doesn't appear to be any documents that indicate a reconstruction or amending of the metes and bounds descriptions in the pre-1949     conveyances

7.  Tidelands are conveyed from State ownership to private ownership prior to 1949 and described as "in front of Lot X, Block Y, Unrecorded Plat of Z.

8.  In 1951 tidelands in front of lots X and Y are conveyed and described as "in front of lots X, Block Y of the Assessor's Plat."

Which description controls the lateral lines of the tidelands?  That from the unrecorded plat or the Assessor's Plat?

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