Eagle Point Software Corporation announced the release of Designers' Companion, its fourth add-on solution for AutoCAD Civil 3D software. Designers' Companion reduces the number of steps and simplifies your workflow for common design tasks within AutoCAD Civil 3D. Guided by a straightforward interface, Designers' Companion offers AutoCAD Civil 3D users efficient tools to rapidly lay out streets, lots, highways, parking lots, detention ponds and subsurface terrain. By leveraging the dynamic, iterative power of the AutoCAD Civil 3D model earlier in the design process, project alternatives can be quickly modified and finalized sooner.

"Designers' Companion gives both AutoCAD Civil 3D power and novice users tools to increase their efficiency during the early design phase. Designers' Companion not only reduces the number of commands needed to create design objects in Civil 3D, it also takes the guesswork out of which command to run next, making the implementation of Civil 3D much easier," explains Steve Biver, Civil Infrastructure Product Line Manager. "By taking advantage of these efficient, purpose-built tools in Designers' Companion, Civil 3D users are able to design faster and take advantage of AutoCAD Civil 3D's dynamic abilities earlier in the design process."

Pricing and Availability
A single license of Designers’ Companion is available for $795, while a network license is $945. For more information, please contact Eagle Point at 1-800-678-6565 or visitwww.eaglepoint.com/designerscompanion.