Geneq Inc., the pioneer in Bluetooth GPS receivers for sub-meter, decimeter and centimeter mapping, introduces the smallest GPS L1/L2 OmniSTAR receiver. The SXBlue III-L is designed to use OmniSTAR’s HP service to attain decimeter accuracy in all regions of the world including North/South America, Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East reinforcing Geneq’s “Go Real-time, All the Time” strategy.

Measuring (5.57”) x 8.0cm (3.15”) x 5.6cm (2.22”) and weighing slightly over a pound (1.14lbs, 517g) including battery, the SXBlue III-L GPS is the smallest and lightest GPS L1/L2 OmniSTAR receiver being produced in the world today.

“We’ve set a new standard for world-wide high-precision mapping using OmniSTAR’s VBS, XP and HP services,” said Product Engineer Jean-Yves Lauture. “Our tests demonstrated that the SXBlue III-L GPS consistently delivers accuracy under 10cm using OmniSTAR’s HP service. It’s quite impressive.”

In addition to the OmniSTAR service, the SXBlue III-L GPS is unique in that it supports RTK operations for centimeter-level accuracy. “If you want true centimeter-level accuracy, the RTK options lets the user connect to an RTK Network or a single RTK base station for 1cm accuracy using standard RTCM and common industry formats,” said Lauture.

The SXBlue III-L is compact and rugged for optimal field use, requiring no backpack nor external batteries. It was designed to meet IP-67 rating, and can survive accidental immersion in water. The SXBlue III-L comes with a compact, dual purpose, hermetically sealed antenna that receives GPS, SBAS and OmniSTAR signals. No other antenna is required.

Other standard features include a field-replaceable integrated battery pack with “fuel gauge”, 200-meter long-range Bluetooth™, USB port and RS-232 port. Optional features include 10Hz/20Hz update rates, RTCM output and RTK input/output for real-time cm-level positioning.

The SXBlue III-L is targeted at GPS/GIS mapping/surveying professionals in industries such as Forestry, Utility, Agriculture and other Natural Resources applications in addition to Municipal, State and Federal Government users.

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