Certainty 3D announces its new pay-for-use license program supporting the powerful TopoDOT point cloud and calibrated image processing program. Since its release in the Fall of 2010, TopoDOT has consistently proven itself an industry leader in productivity and deliverable quality for processing point clouds, calibrated images and related data within a MicroStationTM CAD environment. In addition to performance, Certainty 3D now offers a unique pay-for-use license program designed to lower entry costs and tie on-going maintenance costs to TopoDOT generated income.

TopoDOT Enterprise customers purchase an Account balance of User-days. TopoDOT installations are unlimited at no extra charge. TopoDOT usage is monitored via a web connection. User-day Account balance and annual Maintenance Fees are reconciled “one time” annually on January 1st. Annual payments are tied directly to actual number of User-days and consequently tied to TopoDOT generated income.

“Since its introduction last Fall TopoDOT continues to establish itself as leader in point cloud/calibrated image processing performance. It was our goal to couple this technical performance with a unique licensing program designed around our customer’s business and operational model. Our license program is simple, offers a low entry price and annual maintenance fees tied directly to our customer’s TopoDOT generated income. It’s very fair and basically a win-win.” said Certainty 3D’s President, Ted Knaak.

TopoDOT is immediately available as three basic license programs, the Single User License, the Enterprise 500 and the Enterprise 1000. License agreements as well as interactive purchase will be available within two to three weeks atwww.certainty3d.com.