Archway Systems, Inc., an established  provider of CAD software, consulting, and technical services for a broad community of Bentley and Rhino software users, has joined the Pointools Partner Program for North America.Pointools software is used by project teams to  reference and reuse the largest point cloud models – the billions of measurement  points taken by 3D laser scanners – inside the broadest range of applications  for streamlining scan-to-model workflows.

“Our users are always  seeking new ways to improve project efficiency as they move data across the many  different software apps they use,” said Tom Lazear, Chairman of Archway Systems,  Inc. “With the Pointools Vortex platform already integrated into MicroStation,  and with our new ability to sell the Pointools portfolio of apps and plug-ins  for point cloud processing and reuse, our users can now take full advantage of  3D laser scanning technology across the broadest range of software without  paying the price of time-consuming data translations.”

Pointools  offerings include stand-alone applications, CAD software plug-ins, and a  third-party development platform for point cloud processing and visualisation;  uniquely enabling point cloud model reuse across Bentley, Autodesk, Safe  Software, Rhino, and SketchUp applications without time-consuming  translation.

“Inviting Archway to join our Partner Program was a  no-brainer,” enthused Joe Croser, VP of Products at Pointools. “During my tenure  at Bentley, I worked closely with Tom and his team, and came to respect them  deeply for their ‘user-first’ approach to customer service, which I know will be  warmly welcomed by our rapidly growing user base in North  America.”

The Pointools suite of software is used by architects,  engineers, contractors and surveyors to leverage the same high-performance  Pointools POD model file format across multiple workflows including Art & Entertainment, Forensics, GIS & Mapping, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, and  Security & Defence.

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