March 22, 2011 - A new nonprofit association launched during SPAR International 2011 aims to promote information sharing and education pertaining to the 3D world. Called the 3D Professional Association, or 3DPA, the association will comprise diverse members involved in architecture/engineering/contractors (AEC), building information modeling (BIM), forensics, transportation, industry/manufacturing, energy, historical preservation, gaming/entertainment, defense/security, airborne LiDAR, film/entertainment, and academia.

According to Executive Director Ken Smerz, the association will help members become successful in achieving their objectives by providing a platform for cross-collaboration among diverse groups involved in 3D imaging on a global basis. The 3DPA will also be a resource for technical information as well as forging new relationships within the industry. Membership is open to anyone who desires to learn and participate in taking the world 3D.

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