Posted by Ray Haberstock 

This has been a long standing boundary dispute that I have somewhat explained previously  on the POB forum. (the old one) In a nutshell, it involves (2) quarter corners on the west line of a section. One that has been in existance for 67 years+/-., set for the subdivision of the section to the west. The other;  recently set by me for the subdivision of the section to the east. My client owns the NE1/4.,SW1/4 of the section to the east.The two 1/4 corners are 380+/-ft. apart  in a north south direction and I have good evidence to prove the 67 year old corner wrong. It was very close to going to court, but both sides have agreed (finally)  to settle, using the old existing fence lines of occupancy. The existing fence lines as occupied by my client follow closely utilizing my 1/4 corner position and subdivisional breakdown.

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