Measurement Devices Limited (MDL), a leading laser scanner manufacturer has entered into an agreement with Pointools Ltd. to deliver high-performance point cloud software with every new 3D laser scanner starting at SPAR 2011 – the premier 3D laser scanning conference. Pointools software is used by project teams to reference and reuse the largest point cloud models – the billions of measurement points taken by 3D laser scanners – inside the broadest range of applications.

“The importance of good point cloud software for laser scanning and mobile mapping operations should not be under estimated,” commented Steve Ball, Group Chairman at MDL. “All stakeholders whether technical or nontechnical will benefit from cost-effective user-friendly point cloud processing and collaboration software to qualify, quantify, and assess the effectiveness of the field survey data. And in Pointools, we have found an organisation that can address our customers’ varied needs.”

Pointools offerings include stand-alone applications, CAD software plug-ins, and a third-party development platform for point cloud processing and visualisation; uniquely enabling point cloud model reuse across the broadest range of platforms including Bentley, Autodesk, Rhino, and SketchUp without time-consuming translation.

“We are delighted to partner with MDL which has built an enviable reputation as a real innovator in the 3D laser scanning space.” explained Joe Croser, VP Products at Pointools. “Through this partnership with MDL we will reach new markets with Pointools software and expand our user base for mining, mobile, and marine scanning workflows.”

MDL was the first hardware manufacturer to revolutionise below-ground measurement – by developing a self-navigating, ‘motorised’ robotic probe ‘C-ALS’ designed to enter and survey dry abandoned mine workings or cavities. More recently, MDL became the first mobile scanning manufacturer to deliver an affordable ‘all-in-one’ mobile scanning device ‘Dynascan’ – by integrating laser scanners, GPS and inertial navigation sensors in a single lightweight unit that can be attached to quad bikes, trucks and boats without requiring time-consuming calibration.

Stave Ball continued, “Starting at SPAR 2011 we will deliver Pointools View Pro software with every 3D laser scanner we sell to streamline scan-to-model workflows and eliminate the data translation barriers which normally prevent our customers from reusing their data inside their preferred software applications.”

Pointools software will ship with all new MDL laser scanners including Dynascan, C-ALS, VOID Scanner, and Quarryman. By joining the Pointools Partner Program MDL is also authorised to sell all Pointools software applications and plug-ins world-wide.