Leica Geosystems announces that new Leica Cyclone PUBLISHER v7.1 software can directly publish CAD models along with laser scan data for intuitive web viewing, measurement and mark-up in TruView software.

Free Leica TruView software has proven to be a popular tool for intuitive viewing, measurement and mark-up of rich point clouds and photo overlays - including performing these tasks over the internet. Based on its ease of use and its free licensing, many users have requested that they also be able to see CAD models in conjunction with point clouds and digital photos in TruView. Cyclone PUBLISHER 7.1 provides this direct capability.

Now, in a completely intuitive environment, users can evaluate proposed CAD designs accurately placed within real world conditions, as captured by High-Definition Survey scan data and panoramic photos. Users can also easily compare as-built CAD models that have been created from scans or from other data sources against raw scan data for accuracy.

Cyclone PUBLISHER 7.1 can publish as TruView content 3D models that have either been created in Leica Cyclone software or that have been imported into Cyclone from AutoCAD or MicroStation via the free Leica COE (Cyclone Object Exchange) utility.


Cyclone PUBLISHER v7.1 software is immediately available for download for all customers with valid maintenance contracts.

This view allows users to clearly see the 3D models of the tanks displayed inside the photo-realistic 3D point cloud view inside of Leica TruView.