Fugro Pelagos, Inc. has made further software sales to subsea cable specialist Offshore Marine Management’s (OMM) survey services section. 

Fugro Pelagos, Inc. has made further software sales to subsea cable specialist Offshore Marine Management’s (OMM) survey services section. The company’s WinFrog integrated navigation software, first released in 1994, remains their flagship product and is the software of choice for OMM who have now invested in four product licenses from the California-based company.

The WinFrog suite is fully upgraded, developed and supported by its experienced in-house software development group. OMM have used the WinFrog software system to service their renewables project awards since early 2009.  

OMM typically use the software for subsea inspection, cable lay, cable lay support and remedial activities including jetting, diving, mattressing, scour protection and prevention measures.

They have used WinFrog on all their projects for the past 12 months, including the recent Barrow and Burbo offshore wind farm scope of works in the Irish Sea, UK and the Transpower HVAC cable installation in the German Bight sector of the North Sea. It will also be used on the German project for the associated survey, WROV and trenching operations due to commence in August 2010.

The flexibility and user-friendliness of the software allows OMM to interface to a multitude of required navigation, topside and subsea vehicle sensor equipment. The WinFrog suite has a distinctive construction flavour in its composition allowing OMM to service its diverse range of subsea capabilities to the renewable and telecoms sectors.

OMM has also expressed an interest in undertaking certified WinFrog training courses at its UK offices as part of the Offshore Marine Academy training portfolio.

Rebecca Eitzen, Project Manager for Products & Software at Fugro Pelagos stated that OMM’s commitment to WinFrog software, with its multi-faceted capabilities for diverse subsea survey applications, highlights the fact that the software remains at the leading edge of survey software technology in established and also fast growing offshore arenas such as the renewable sector. OMM continues to find Fugro Pelagos’ software, services and support meet their high demands and specifications and are very happy with their decision to use the WinFrog suite in their offshore work.

Arron Burrows, Operations Manager for OMM commented: “I used WinFrog extensively as a Senior Surveyor and Party Chief offshore during the 1990s and it was always considered one of the principle packages for construction support as well as other key survey tasks. It remains true to its original concept of providing a user-friendly and flexible interface that can be adapted to suite a multitude of subsea construction, inspection and cable lay tasks that both we and our clients require.”

“The support provided is as prompt and pro-active as it always was and has continually proven to be a great asset to our project demands. We hope to provide certified courses on the software in due course to further develop our core survey personnel pool and other survey contractors,” he added.

For further information on Fugro Pelagos products and services, and in particular the WinFrog navigation suite, visit www.fugro-pelagos.com.

For further information on Offshore Marine Management, visit www.offshoremm.com.