New Leica Construction Office allows contractors to verify design data before taking it to the field, saving time and costly rework.

Leica Geosystems announces its new Leica Construction Office (LCO) software which provides contractors with the ability to verify design data before taking it to the field, eliminating costly rework due to unverified data being loaded directly to the machines.

Leica Construction Office gives contractors the ability to edit and modify designs, develop stakeout point files, calculate volumes and handle terrain models and advanced reporting functions essential for contractors.

The software can import and export industry standard data formats as well as many data formats that are used only in specific regions. These formats include, amongst others:
  • AutoCAD DWG

  • AutoCAD DXF

  • LandXML

  • MX / Moss

  • REB

  • Ispol
Leica Construction Office handles many different design entities from simple road alignments to more complex road stringline, cross-section or layer models, digital terrain models and background maps.

Construction Office is compatible with many different Leica Geosystems machine control systems. The software generates files in the formats required by the systems in the field - from RedLine to PowerGrade 3D to PowerDigger 3D - eliminating the need for additional software to do data conversions.  It also supports certain file types needed by competitive systems allowing contractors to use just one software in the office and generate the files they need for a mixed fleet of equipment.

The optional terrain model module allows accurate surface-to-surface or surface-to-elevation volumes for cost estimation purposes. This module allows complete control of the surface models used for calculation including boundaries and breaklines. The module may also be used for creating terrain profiles and sections.

Various standard reports for quality control reporting are offered. For example, a statistical check and tolerance report of deviations with respect to a design surface can be created at the click of a button.

The Leica Construction Office package has an easy to use interface that allows contractors to be up and running in a short period of time. It includes a self-training package delivered with the software and one year of free technical support included with the license. Leica Construction Office uses a built-in AutoCAD engine to open and edit native AutoCAD drawings.

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