The TopoLIFT 3D Imaging System Platform is easily installed in any standard pickup truck bed, increasing the efficiency of stop-and-go scanning operations.  

Courtesy of Kapur & Associates

Certainty 3D has launched the TopoLIFT 3D Imaging System Platform. Composed of a lift and bridge mechanism that is easily installed in any standard pickup truck bed, the platform increases the efficiency of stop-and-go scanning operations. The increased height optimizes scanner coverage thereby reducing the required number of setups. Furthermore, the automated lift operation substantially reduces the drive, stop and setup time compared to tripod-based operations.

TopoLIFT operation is elegantly simple. A screw gear mechanism raises and lowers the bridge cradle. The bridge is lifted and the entire system is carried by the truck to the next scan location. The lift then lowers the bridge until contact is made with all three bridge legs. The lift is lowered several inches further so that there is no mechanical connection between the bridge and the lift nor between the bridge and the truck. The imaging operation can thus proceed on the stable bridge without being affected by truck movement. An extension mount is available for extra height. As both the 3D imaging system and TopoLIFT operations are controlled from the truck cab, TopoLIFT offers the inherent advantage of a controlled operator environment for laptop operation during data acquisition, field analysis and QA/QC. Another obvious advantage is the inherently safer operator environment.

Given the per day cost of such operations and the efficiency of TopoLIFT, the return on investment is generally about two or three typical sized projects of a hundred or so scan positions. TopoLIFT will prove a cost effective alternative to full mobile systems for shorter length transportation corridor projects accessible to static vehicles, large campuses, facilities and general infrastructure projects. Under difficult GPS operating conditions, TopoLIFT can be the preferred technical solution over completely mobile operations. Therefore, TopoLIFT fills both a performance and commercial void between static tripod and full mobile LiDAR system operation.

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