TractBuilder Tools for ArcGIS now are available with PLSS and Texas Survey data. The software can be purchased or rented at

“People need basemap data. I am happy that through our partnerships we are able to get our customers more than just software,” says Kyle Souza, Sales Manager, TractBuilder. “The Quartering Tool will come with Township, Section, and Lot data from ten of the western states; the reason for the limited selection is quality. Just like with our tools, we want the data we distribute to be high quality, and this data adheres to strict standards of content and format.  And with the Metes & Bounds Tool a customer will receive a statewide dataset containing the original Spanish Land Grants A.K.A. Surveys & Abstracts of Texas.”

Data files will be available as GDB, SHP, or KML files.  Plans to include more data with the TractBuilder Tools are underway.  

For more information, email