Carlson Survey 2011 Embedded AutoCAD version comes with the AutoCAD OEM engine built-in and features more than 100 new and improved routines.

Get the combined package of Carlson’s feature-rich, intuitive surveying office software with the AutoCAD engine with Carlson Software’s just released Carlson Survey 2011 Embedded AutoCAD.

The affordable Carlson Survey 2011 Embedded AutoCAD version comes with the AutoCAD OEM engine built-in and it features more than 100 new and improved routines based on user input. This product is in addition to the Carlson Survey, a module of the Carlson 2010 office product line, which comes with IntelliCAD 6.6 built-in, and runs on AutoCAD/Map/Civil3D, versions 2000 through the present.

Some of the major new upgrades include:
  • Field-to-Finish – Create GIS links from GIS data and draw selected GIS attributes.

  • Esri MSC – Added support for Esri data exchange using Esri’s Map Standards for CAD.

  • Best-Fit Centerline – Creates a least-squares best-fit horizontal alignment with curves and tangents from points.

  • Deeds – Added deed creation from polylines and added grid-ground scale factor for legal descriptions.

  • Calculator – New command with standard, scientific and conversion calculators.
“Carlson Software is a proven solution provider in the land survey market,” says Bruce Carlson, president and founder of Carlson Software. “We’ve enjoyed the highest rate of customer retention over our 27-year history, thanks in large part to the ‘positive feedback loop’ the company has encouraged and gets from our survey customers. Our product is made specifically for surveyors’ needs,” he adds, “and we are the only company offering free tech support since the day of its founding.”

Carlson Survey 2011 can be used along with Carlson SurvCE data collection software for seamless office and field operations for sharing data files, field-to-finish coding and COGO functions by using the identical data and settings files. Carlson Survey 2011 also supports all other major data collectors with data transfer and conversions.

Carlson Survey 2011 Embedded AutoCAD is available now. For more information, visit