F. Robert Bell and Associates is pleased to announce the firm’s purchase of the just released Trimble FX Laser Scanner. 

F. Robert Bell and Associates (BELL) is pleased to announce the firm’s purchase of the just released Trimble FX Laser Scanner. The FX Scanner allows for increased productivity and efficiency, specifically for interior scans of existing facilities where high density scan data is required for redesigning/upgrading. This technology is applicable to a variety of civil engineering, construction, and survey projects.

The Trimble FX Scanner uses phase based laser technology and the latest laser scan processing software and methods to depict the shapes of physical structures or landscapes and convert them into a digital format. The lasers are used for accurately determining level, grade, vertical alignment and distance. Specifically, spinning lasers that produce a 360-degree rotating light beam provide a horizontal reference or vertical grade which is difficult to obtain with conventional survey methods. 

BELL has already successfully completed numerous survey and civil engineering projects with the use of laser scanners in Prudhoe Bay and various other locations statewide. BELL uses 3D laser scanners on the Alyeska Pipeline to conduct annual monitoring of the stability of earthen slopes at various segments of the above ground pipeline. Using this equipment provides more data at higher levels of accuracy and has shown a 50 percent reduction in costs compared to previous surveys performed using conventional survey equipment. Because of the additional data collected BELL has been able to analyze not only the structural supports for the pipeline, but also the ground in the surrounding areas.

BELL uses this technology for work overseas as well. BELL provided a complete composite of survey services for Fluor Intercontinental, Inc. The main task was to provide quality assurance on module oilfield facilities that were constructed in Ulsan, South Korea and then shipped and installed on Sakhalin Island in Russia. The framework and piping on 24 production modules (including pipe racks) were as-built to millimeter accuracies in the shipyards where they were built. Three dimensioning scanning in conjunction with one-second total stations were used to gather this information. Data was processed and then sent to our client and crews in Russia. BELL also has experience using 3D Laser scanning for much smaller projects such as acquiring data for as-builts of historical properties.