Optech Incorporated announces the Lynx Mobile Mapper M1 system with a collection rate of up to 1 million points/second (1 MHz).

Optech Incorporated, manufacturer of advanced lidar survey instruments, is pleased to announce the next generation in mobile mapping-the Lynx Mobile Mapper M1. The M1 system represents the latest technology in mobile mapping design and performance. With a collection rate of up to 1 million points/second (1 MHz), a fully integrated imaging system and the overall turnkey data collection and software solution that the industry expects from Optech, the Lynx Mobile Mapper M1 sets a new mobile mapping standard.

“Optech has always been the trailblazer for new, technologically advanced lidar solutions. The Lynx M1 system continues this trend, being the first of its kind to offer a 1-MHz total scan and data collection rate coupled with millimeter-level precision. Our 3D imaging system distributes those points at high speed, putting the most points right where you need them,” says Daina Morgan, Lynx Product Manager.

The Lynx M1 system boasts lidar sensors that operate at up to 500 kHz each while maintaining survey-quality precision. The system control software enables the operator to select the camera image frame size for the most effective capture efficiencies. This leads to smaller file sizes-an important consideration as data rates continue to increase. These enhancements, in addition to a fully integrated imaging solution and world class in-field support, create a benchmark in mobile mapping technology.