TROY, Mich., October 6, 2010 - POB today announced the winner of the 2010 Geomatics Innovation Award. The grand prize winner of POB’s sixth annual project contest is Parametrix, headquartered in Auburn, Wash, for its survey of the Hood Canal Bridge, the longest floating bridge in the world located in a saltwater tidal basin and the third longest floating bridge overall.

  “Layout of a superstructure is challenging enough, but add to that a floating pontoon on tidal waters, influences from wind and waves, and the staged construction loading of the structures, and things quickly become more complicated,” said Norm Brones, senior party chief for Parametrix. A “blended team” approach that encouraged problem solving at the lowest possible level in addition to the use of advanced technologies and innovative processes allowed the project to be completed approximately one week ahead of schedule.

  “The idea of ‘innovation’ is often associated primarily with technology, but the people element is equally important,” said Christine L. Grahl, editor of POB. “This project is noteworthy because of the way in which everyone involved worked together to resolve conflicts and overcome the numerous challenges that were encountered. From establishing precise dimensional control over moving points for the assembly of the bridge components to figuring out how to scan a floating pontoon, the survey crew and the entire project team truly synthesized their efforts to achieve a successful outcome.”

  The winning project is featured in POB's October print and digital issues and will soon be posted to POBOnline.

About the Geomatics Innovation Awards:
Formerly the Highlights in Surveying contest, the international Geomatics Innovation Award competition recognizes projects that demonstrate vision, creative problem solving and successful technology implementation. POB will open its seventh annual contest in the spring. The 2011 awards will also honor a specific individual as Surveyor of the Year. Additional details and contest entry forms will be posted soon at