Plan made with GeoPlus VisionPlus 2010.

Newark, DE, March 31 2010 -- Geo-Plus announces the release of Geo-Plus VisionPlus 2010, visionary software that introduces new and practical features including the option to export graphics into a total station notebook.

This cutting edge software offers the handy feature of seeing the lay out construction in a total station notebook. With Geo-Plus VisionPlus 2010, there is no need to bring printed plans to your site; the plans can be directly imported into a notebook and placed at the exact coordinates.

Plan imported into a FieldGenius notebook.

Geo-Plus VisionPlus 2010 provides you with innovative and practical features. The new version is full of surprises including features such as:
  • two documents that can be viewed simultaneously even if they are linked to different databases;
  • surfaces with breaklines that can be exported in LandXML or InRoads format file in just one-step;
  • the scale of more than one selected object that can be modified according to the insertion point;
  • the software is completely compatible with AutoCAD 2010, MicroStation V8i, PowerDraft V8i and Bricscad.
“Our customers are counting on Geo-Plus software to improve their productivity. We must always adjust the software and offer upgrades that are intended to expand the capabilities of all land surveyors. We are also often called upon to provide add-on modules that are developed to meet specific needs,” said Wilfrid Beaupre, president of Geo-Plus.

More on Geo-Plus VisionPlus
Geo-Plus VisionPlus, designed by land surveyors for land surveyors, combines both COGO calculations and drawing functions in a friendly user interface. Geo-Plus VisionPlus resolves functionality, usability and process-related issues. It provides, among others, COGO functions, topology parcels manager, building siting and staking, points and connectivity manager, metes and bounds capability and least squares adjustments.

About Geo-Plus
Geo-Plus was founded in 1987, at which time it had but one software bearing the company’s name, Geoplus. To respond to the constantly changing market, Geo-Plus continuously refined the software until it became the widely used geomatics software, VisionPlus. Clients from small or large-scale companies and many government agencies use Geo-Plus VisionPlus. Our list of clients is displayed on our website. Many colleges and universities also use our software as a teaching tool to train the next generation of land surveyors.

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